Discover how we strategize your brand, build your website, promote it alongside you, provide AI design tools for you and your customers, enable fun co-designing experiences, supply top-notch quality products, and handle all your order fulfillment

miydiy for creators


$399 (USD)/month

(Cancel Anytime)

Get 25 new blank T-shirts added to your inventory on the 1st of every month.
Your inventory balance rolls over – If you didn’t sell last month’s 25 T-shirts,
you’ll have a total of 50 T-shirts in your inventory this month
$17 per additional T-shirt
Free 1 side printing (front / back / left shoulder / right shoulder)
$1 per additional side of printing (front / back / left shoulder / right shoulder)
$1 per patch, sewing included
Free warehousing, picking and packing for your products$30
Free global drop shipping$10
Free Shopify website building$160
Free store maintenance$30
3 free in-house designed artworks$30
Size option from XS – 6XL
All premium quality T-shirts. Heavy weight 250 – 400GSM
Total Cost Per Month$685

You Save Per month $286

Optional Services
Customer service available for your store, $200 per month, 8 hours per day
AI design tools built-in to your Shopify website $50 per month
AI design tool credit, Starts from $7
We turn your design/graphic into patches, $5 per patch

Cancellation Policy: Cancel Anytime, just drop us an email: info@miydiy.com


Early Bird


Get 25 new blank T-shirts added to your inventory on the 1st of every month. Your inventory balance rolls over – If you didn’t use last month’s 25 T-shirts, you’ll have a total of 50 T-shirts in your inventory this month

$17 Per T-Shirt After 25 T-Shirts

4 Sides Printing: Front, Back 2 Shoulders

Free warehousing for your products

Free Global Drop Shipping

Free AI design tools built-in to your Shopify website

Free Shopify Website Building

Free Store Maintenance

3 Free In-House Designed Artworks

Size option from XS ~ 6XL

All premium quality T-shirts, 250GSM and above

Patches available from as low as $1

We can also make patches based on your design

Customer service available for your store (subject to additional cost)

Early Bird


AI Design Tools

Free Shipping

Shopify Store Setup

Store Maintenance

Adding Products to Your Store by MIYDIY Team

5 MIYDIY In-House Designed Artworks

4 Sides Printing

25 T-Shirts Per Month

$17 Per T-Shirt After 25 T-Shirts



AI Design Tools

Free Shipping

Shopify Store Setup

Store Maintenance

Adding Products to Your Store by MIYDIY Team

10 MIYDIY In-House Designed Artworks

1 Side Printing + $2 Per Side

50 T-Shirts Per Month

$16.5 Per T-Shirt After 50 T-Shirts



AI Design Tools

Free Shipping

Shopify Store Setup

Store Maintenance

Adding Products to Your Store by MIYDIY Team

15 MIYDIY In-House Designed Artworks

2 Sides Printing + $1 Per Side

100 T-Shirts Per Month

$16 Per T-Shirt After 100 T-Shirts



AI Design Tools

Free Shipping

Shopify Store Setup

Store Maintenance

Adding Products to Your Store by MIYDIY Team

20 MIYDIY In-House Designed Artworks

4 Sides Printing

200 T-Shirts Per Month

$15 Per T-Shirt After 200 T-Shirts

miydiy know creators pain


miydiy know creators pain

In the vibrant world of design and creation, the journey from concept to consumer can be fraught with challenges and uncertainties.

Designers and creators face numerous pain points and risks that can stifle creativity and hamper business growth.

MIYDIY is here to transform these challenges into opportunities, ensuring that your vision reaches the market with the impact and quality it deserves.

Designers and artists often struggle with limited access to quality materials, high production costs, and logistical complexities. The difficulty in achieving consistent product quality and the hassle of managing inventory and fulfillment can divert focus from the creative process, leading to lost opportunities and diminished artistic expression.


miydiy risk solving

Starting and managing a business independently comes with significant risks.

The financial burden of upfront investments in production equipment and materials, coupled with the complexities of distribution and customer service, can be overwhelming.

Without substantial capital and a comprehensive understanding of supply chain management, creators risk business failure before their products ever reach the audience.

miydiy risk solving
solution for creators


solution for creators

MIYDIY stands as a beacon for creators and designers seeking to elevate their business without the typical headaches associated with production and distribution.

Our collaboration with leading brands like Disney and Marvel underscores our capability to meet and exceed the highest standards of product excellence and innovation.

With our world-class partnerships and certifications (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, GRS), MIYDIY offers a robust platform that guarantees high-quality production, ethical practices, and environmental responsibility.


Partner with a platform that understands and supports artists could help bring your vision to mainstream fashion a lot.


Register Your Account:

Initiate your journey by registering an account on MIYDIY.

Upload Your Designs:

Showcase your existing designs on MIYDIY, making them available to visitors and users who can sell merchandise featuring your artwork. Earn profits from each sale.

Develop Your Shopify Website:

Collaborate with MIYDIY’s IT team to create your own Shopify website, establishing and owning the foundation of your business.

Define Your Brand Strategy:

Work with MIYDIY’s branding team to identify your market segmentation, target personas, and brand positioning, ensuring your brand resonates with the right audience.

Craft Your Marketing Plan:

Partner with MIYDIY’s marketing team to devise strategic marketing plans that boost traffic to your website and enhance visibility.

Leverage AI Design Tools:

Utilize MIYDIY’s AI design tool to streamline your creative process, enabling faster and more creative design production.

Access In-House Design Expertise:

Benefit from the support of MIYDIY’s in-house graphic design team, available to assist in creating compelling designs whenever needed.

Enable Customer Co-Design:

Offer your customers the opportunity to co-design or modify existing designs directly on your website using our AI, creating a much more interactive, personalized, and unique shopping experience.

Fulfillment, Warehousing, and Bulk Purchase Discounts:

Once a customer purchases a t-shirt from your website, MIYDIY will handle the printing and drop-shipping directly to your customer, ensuring a seamless transaction. Moreover, as you order t-shirts in bulk, MIYDIY provides additional services including warehousing and logistics, along with discounts on product and shipping costs.


miydiy quality production

As a partner creator with MIYDIY, you gain access to a slew of transformative benefits:

Zero Inventory Risk:

We handle production, inventory management, and logistics, allowing you to focus purely on design

World-Class Quality:

With access to the finest materials and cutting-edge production technology, your designs will materialize in the best possible form

Global Reach:

Leverage our established distribution channels to reach customers around the world effortlessly

Sustainability and Compliance:

Align your brand with the best practices in sustainability and social responsibility, enhancing your brand’s value and

miydiy quality production


MIYDIY addresses critical challenges for designers and creators:

Eliminating Production Hassles:

We take care of all aspects of production from start to finish, ensuring quality and efficiency

Reducing Financial Risk:

Avoid the need for large upfront investments. We produce on demand, so you only produce what you sell

Streamlining Distribution:

Our logistic networks ensure your products reach your customers quickly and reliably, anywhere in the world

Boosting Brand Integrity:

With our high standards and certifications, your brand stands on a foundation of quality and trust


William Marketing Executive

“Working with MIYDIY has allowed our remote team to manage merchandise campaigns effortlessly. Their platform is comprehensive, covering everything from product creation to delivery.”


Marketing Executive
Henry, Brand Manager

“MIYDIY’s AI tool and e-commerce setup was easy to use. Their IT support is quite responsive, making any potential issues negligible. Could use a bit of improvement on shipping speed though.”


Brand Manager
Charlotte, Marketing Director

“Our collaboration with MIYDIY has enabled us to launch multiple product lines efficiently. Their handling of logistics, from manufacturing to shipping, has freed up our resources to focus more on strategy and content marketing.”


Marketing Director
Ben, Fashion Start-up

“The agility of MIYDIY’s supply chain is crucial for our fast-paced marketing campaigns. Their ability to provide me with new art designs constantly, and deliver high-quality, customized products is nothing short of impressive, ensuring we stay ahead of market trends and needs.”


Fashion Start-up
Grace, Streetwear Company Owner

“MIYDIY has revolutionized our approach to promotional merchandise. Their no-inventory model means we can offer a wide range of products without the usual risks and costs. BTW being able to apply the existing patterns designed by other designers and slap it on a t-shirt has made my work a lot easier. The quality of the tees is great, and I hope they would launch 300 – 350GSM heavy t-shirt blanks soon.”


Streetwear Company Owner
James, Entrepreneur

“For our previous corporate events, MIYDIY has been our go-to for quick and reliable merchandise fulfillment. Just have to make sure to factor in the shipping lead time and plan ahead. The in-house graphic design support from MIYDIY has been invaluable as it allows us to quickly turn around projects without the need to hire additional staff, saving us time and money.”


Ava, Lifestyle Influencer

“The customer engagement feature through customization has transformed my merchandise offerings. Fans love being involved in the design process, and MIYDIY’s seamless execution makes it all possible.”


Lifestyle Influencer
Noah, Animator

“MIYDIY not only provided a platform for selling my animations on apparel but also supported me with marketing advice. This has been essential in expanding my brand reach without needing to hire additional staff.”


Isabella, Photographer

“The digital support from MIYDIY has been crucial. I didn’t have to worry about setting up an online store or dealing with IT issues. Their team handled all those pain-in-the-butt tasks, allowing me to focus on my photography.”


Ethan, Cartoonist

“The creative freedom MIYDIY offers is great. I love how my viewers can interact with and modify my designs, making each piece truly unique. This feature has significantly increased engagement on my platform.”


Mia, Visual Artist

“Pretty cool, they are ISO certified, not sure how difficult it is to get a production line certified with ISO, but the quality of the prints and the clothing is top-notch.”


Visual Artist
Jay, Musician

“MIYDIY’s platform enabled me to offer unique merch that my fans can personalize, which has really made my brand stand out. Their commitment to quality and fast shipping (although it hasn’t been always super fast but acceptable) has earned me nothing but praise from my audience.”




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